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There are many different reasons for becoming a hairstylist. For Kalle Eklund, it started with his interest in fashion. Realising that fashion encompasses more than just garments, he decided to turn his attention to hair. “To me, it’s interesting to change a person’s character by doing something with their hair than with their clothes. With a few changes to the hairstyle, I can change the look completely in a very radical way. My work is about understanding what is needed for a particular shoot, and then creating a style that enhances the existing theme or character. I don’t like to complicate things. For me, it’s about working towards the perfect image, rather than adding hairstyling simply for the sake of doing something with the hair.” Kalle Eklund’s style is contemporary and fashion-forward, which is why he often has collaborated with avant-garde fashion magazines such as Pleasure Graden, SSAW, Garage and Re-Edition. His list of commercial clients includes Our Legacy, Tommy Hilfiger, Mango, Ferrari Concept, Chloé, Filippa K, H&M & Maison Margiela.