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Established over a decade ago, in 2003, D+V Management has successfully set the bench mark for independent, bespoke representation of the World's top photographic, hair, make up, styling and set design artists.

D+V’s founders, comprising the Scottish-French alliance of Natalie Doran and Laurence Vuillemin, lay down the agency’s foundation of seeking out and nurturing photographers with an indelible signature. Steve Hiett,Mel Bles, Nick Dorey, Brett Lloyd and Jacob Sutton are amongst this hand-chosen fold whose unique styles distinguish their work. 

D+V’s photographers regularly work with international Vogue titles as well as The Gentlewoman, i-D, AnOther and Numéro. Commercial clients include luxury houses such as YSL, Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Dior. And increasingly, global clients such as Giorgio Armani, YSL, Burberry, Missoni, Guess, Fendi, Topshop and Y3, work with the film side of D+V. 

Having hit the ground running in 2003, by 2007 D+V was ready to expand. Natalie and Laurence were delighted to invite the highly reputed, Emma Bryant, to join their partnership to oversee the Hair, Makeup, Styling and Set Design side of the business. 

This arm of D+V encompasses equally esteemed names. Sam Bryant, James Pecis, James Rowe, Benjamin Puckey, Neil Moodie, Hanna al Sayed, Naomi Miller, and Leith Clark are represented by D+V. 

From set design to hair and make-up as well as production services for film and photography; D+V can manage a client’s project in its totality in-house; from conception to final product.

As a further expansion of D+V’s wings, a New York office opened in 2009. Working in tandem with London, the American side of the business demonstrates the international reach of the agency not to mention diminishing the hurdle of awkward timelines. 

Working with the most reputable fashion professionals, D+V is set to soar as it heads into its next decade.

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Registered in England and Wales, Registered Office: 119 The Hub,  300 Kensal Road, London, W10 5BE.  Registered Number: 4821985

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